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A Brand New Year

Levi ChappellComment
A Brand New Year

2017 will go down as the most bittersweet year in my entire life. I look back on it and be glad that it is behind me. Yet I also look back and wonder what my life would look like without this past year. 

I graduated with my bachelors degree. I got a fantastic job at Carrot. I created a website and started a podcast, which has been a lifelong dream for Jeremy and I. I lost my 4th grandparent in about 2 and a half years. Then shortly after that... I lost my brother-in-law, which still seems surreal at times (Miss you big guy). Then in November, Piper was born and brought joy to my life that was needed more than ever. 

Wow... what a year. Seems like I have hardly had time to breathe.

Accomplishment, pride, excitement, sadness, loss, death, and joy. 

I know that this is about the time when everyone starts making new years resolutions. Lose 10 pounds, sign up for a gym membership that will be used 4 times, start playing the guitar, save 5000 dollars, get more involved in the community, read 10 books, or whatever it may be. But lets be honest, these will most likely not happen. Instead of making these resolutions that most likely wont happen, I would encourage you to make a conscious effort everyday to be present with the people that you are with. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter can all wait. When you are with family and friends... strive to stay in the moment and cherish the time that you have with those people. 

When I reflect on the things that I highlighted from 2017, they all have one thing in common... relationships. There is absolutely no way I would have graduated with my bachelors if it were not for the overwhelming support I received from my family. I would not have gotten this job had it not been for my friend and now current boss Trevor. I wouldn't have created a website and started recording a podcast without the love and support from my wife and the involvement of my brother.

I love and miss you grandma. You were the kindest person that I have ever met, hands down. You treated everyone with respect.

My brother-in-law Freddy. I love and miss you big guy. Freddy had an impact on so many people. We made the mistake of only planning for a few hundred people at his memorial and by the end, there was only standing room. You will never be forgotten.

And finally, Piper. My pride, joy, and happiness. You were God's gift to Katlin and I. God knew that we would need you at this exact time... and we definitely did and still need you. 

Even with all of the loss and negativity that surrounded my family in 2017... we still have so much to look forward to in 2018. I can set and achieve goals at my job, Jeremy and I can grow our podcast audience, I get to witness Piper's first steps and see her turn 1, and although I cant get a hug whenever I want from my grandma or from Freddy, I know I will be able to someday. 

So whats the point of this blog? 

This is a reminder for you. As you move into another new year, we do not know what the new year will hold. At the end of 2016, I had no idea I would work for Carrot, have a podcast, lose family members, or have a daughter all in one year. Life is a mystery. So set goals, make resolutions, and shoot for the stars. Just remember what is most important in life... relationships.

Recognize the blessings in your life, be present with the people you love, and cherish every moment. 

Goodbye 2017... Hello 2018.