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I've Got the (NFL) Power... Rankings

Levi Chappell1 Comment
I've Got the (NFL) Power... Rankings

CBP Power Rankings Week 2:

1. Kansas City Chiefs 2-0: Simply put, I have to give the number 1 ranking to a team that is undefeated and beat the Patriots @ Arrowhead. They had to squeak out a close game against the Eagles this week, but the offense still looks really good with Hunt and Kelce on a roll.

2. Atlanta Falcons 2-0: They didn't look great in week one against the Bears. But then again, we expected a slow start after the super bowl disaster. A win is a win and they got one on the road in week 1. Then ATL came back in week 2 to pummel the Packers (many people's SB favorites). The offense looked unstoppable again and the defense was able to hold Rodgers and co. in check the entire night. 

3. Oakland Raiders 2-0: Week 1 was a very impressive performance, beating a good titans team on the road. They then followed it up with a beating of the Jets. It seems as though whoever plays the Jets is essentially receiving a "bye" week. They also have a very impressive point differential through two games (+ 35). The Raiders look primed for a playoff run. 

4. New England Patriots 1-1: It is no secret that there are more holes in the Saints defense than swiss cheese, but the Patriots looked like they were back to their old ways. A disappointing showing in week 1 at home against the chiefs tampered everyone's expectations for the reigning SB champs, but those expectations should soon rise with a quality victory over NOLA. The ground game for the Pats is looking very potent with the 3-headed attack of White, Gillislee, and Burkhead. 

5. Pittsburgh Steelers 2-0: I am not buying the narrative of Leveon Bell not being the same. I believe that it is a bit of rust due to the result of holding out and no preseason. The other Killer B's on the team have looked as good as ever. AB is letting the whole league know that he is the best WR on the planet. A win over the Browns and the Vikings has them setting their eyes on a Lombardy trophy. 

6. Denver Broncos 2-0: One of the biggest surprises of this young NFL season has to be the near perfect play of Trevor Siemien. We all know how good that defense is, but the question was always whether or not the quarterback play would be good enough to carry them into the playoffs. So far, so good for the Broncos! 

7. Green Bay Packers 1-1: Coming off of a quality win in week one, the Packers ran into a brick wall called the Atlanta Falcons. The Packers are used to starting seasons 1-1, so there is no need to panic. Rodgers and co. will look to bounce back against the lowly Bengals in week 3. 

8. Dallas Cowboys 1-1: I am trying not to read too much into the cowboys game against the Broncos... but it is difficult not to. They looked awful. We all knew that Dak or Zeke would have a bad game eventually, it just so happened to be in the same game. The Broncos looked heads and shoulders better than them. I still believe they are the best team in the division, but Sunday's performance did not help. A SNF game against a stout cardinals defense will be a test for the boys... its time to see what they are made of. 

9. Detroit Lions 2-0: Not sure too many people saw a 2-0 start for the Lions coming. We all know that the offense will score points, but the defense was always the big question mark. The defense has answered the call with 6 turnovers in the first 2 games. The Lions finished 28th in 2016 for total turnovers with only 14. They have almost half as many through 2 games. The Giants dont look good and the Cardinals may not be good as well. But 2 wins through your first 2 games is a pretty darn good way to start. 

10. Baltimore Ravens 2-0: I would have ranked the Ravens right in front of the Lions except for who they have played. Beating the browns and declining Bengals doesn't instill a ton of confidence. But allowing 10 points through 2 games is about as good as it gets. That defense is a legitimate top 5 defense and as long as the offense does its part, you will see the Ravens in the playoffs this year. 

11. Seattle Seahawks 1-1: One TD through two games and an offensive line that has more holes in it than an Abercrombie & Fitch pair of jeans... not a recipe for success. The offense needs some serious help and Chris Carson may be able to jump in and make an impact. He has looked like the spark on offense that they need. A tough road matchup against the Titans in week 3 will test the Seahawks. If they dont figure out the offensive issues, a 1-2 start is a very real possibility. 

12. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 1-0: Following a week 1 "bye" due to Hurricane IRMA, the Bucs came out strong and shalacked (thats a good word) the Bears. The Bears in all honesty look more like panda cubs. Still, the bucs defense looked really stellar. Jameis had ZERO turnovers, and Mike Evans is really big, like unfair big. Bucs travel to Viking territory for a week 3 showdown. 

13. Tennessee Titans 1-1: The offense struggled in week 1 vs. the Raiders but had a bounce back week against a good Jaguar defense, dropping 37 points, 31 of which was scored in the 2nd half. Many people believe that this is the year the Titans make a big step forward. Derick Henry and Marcus Mariota will play the stingy Seahawks defense in a tasty week 3 matchup. 

14. Carolina Panthers 2-0: The lowest ranked 2-0 team here on the list... the offense has looked stagnant at times, but i believe that will come around. The more important thing is that the defense has allowed 6 points. How many points Levi...??? Yes, 6. That is less points than the Bengals have actually scored (I know, hard to believe). Thats legendary. The defense will be tested in week 3 vs HOF QB Drew "thats a stiff" Brees. 

15. Philadelphia Eagles 1-1: Carson Wentz looks like the real deal. A tough loss to the Chiefs in week 2 sets them back a bit. But i fully expect the Eagles to compete for the division title all year long. 

16. Miami Dolphins 1-0: Run, Run, Run... that is the Dolphins recipe for success. If you give "Smokin" Jay Cutler too many chances, he will lose you the game. Cutler did his job though, 230 yards, 1 TD and ZERO turnovers. The Dolphins completely shut down Melvin Gordon and the defense looks like it could help win some games this year. The 2nd place participation trophy is wide open in that division, maybe the dolphins can sneak away with 9 wins. 

17. Minnesota Vikings 1-1: After a super impressive offensive display from Sam "Glass" Bradford in week 1, he was a "no-go" for the game against the Steelers. Insert Dr. Phil/Captain Obvious phrase here: Case Keenum is not good. Now that we know that, as long as Bradford is out, they will lose. 

18. Washington Redskins 1-1: The offense looks really out of sorts. They were able to beat the Rams on sunday, but nothing has looked too impressive. I see an 8-8 record in their future. 

19. Arizona Cardinals 1-1: Many people thought that this was the big bounce back year for the Cardinals to challenge in the division and make a playoff run. A bad loss to Detroit in week 1 and a narrow victory over a Jacoby Brisset (no, thats not a new sandwich at Arby's. That is his name.) lead offense. The Cards will struggle this year with no DJ in the backfield. 

20. Houston Texans 1-1: I like the trajectory of this team. Deshaun Watson looked like a rookie at times, but all in all, the team had a spark that it has been lacking for quite sometime. He made enough plays to get the job done. With improved QB play, a solid ground game, and that stout defense, the Texans could sniff the playoffs this year. 

21. Los Angeles Rams 1-1: After pounding the Scott "local insurance agent" Tolzien lead Colts in week 1, the Rams held their own against the Redskins, but were unable to come away with the victory. With a slight asterisk next to their win in week 1, the Rams will need to show that they can compete this coming week against the 49ers. 

22. Los Angeles Chargers 0-2: I still believe that this team is good. A furious comeback in week 1 that fell short, and being on the wrong side of a game winning field goal... those are the 2 losses for the Chargers so far this season. When you look at that team, you cant find too many weaknesses, yet they cant seem to win games. Week 3 is vitally important. Since 1990, how many teams have made the playoffs after starting 0-3? Drumroll... exactly 3 teams. It doesn't get any easier either, they play the chiefs at home. 

23. Jacksonville Jaguars 1-1: They would be rated lower on this list, if not for their lone victory over a Tom "Starting QB for 1 half" Savage and the texans. The Jags looked like the same ol' Jags with a bad loss to Tennessee in week 2. Lets see if they can creep above 500 with a win over the Ravens in week 3. 

24. New Orleans Saints 0-2: Losses to the Vikings and Patriots are nothing to hang your head about, but starting the season 0-2 isn't great either. They desperately need a win against the division rival panthers in week 3. 

25. Buffalo Bills 1-1: They are essentially 0.5-1 seeing as how they played half of a team, the New york Jets in week 1. Watkins is gone, Woods is gone, A rookie WR is the #1, Shady Mccoy doesn't look the same... all things point to a rough road ahead. The offense will struggle all year and this team will finish under 500. 

26. New York Giants 0-2: The offense is so bad, even Mark Sanchez thinks so. The team needs Odell now... but it may be too late. One more loss and they are done. Ziggy Ansah Lion's RE vs. Erick Flowers NYG LT last night was like watching Mike Tyson vs. Nacho Libre... in a boxing ring. Poor Eli was dead before the ball was even snapped. No offensive line & no run game = No points. Also, let me know if anyone finds the real Brandon Marshall. 

27. Chicago Bears 0-2: A couple of positives, Mitch T is healthy, upright and learning a lot while standing on the sidelines... like how not to play football. 

28. Cleveland Browns 0-2: Kizer has looked good while playing, but got knocked out of the game in week 2. Although they are 0-2, the future actually has a silver lining for the Browns. They get to play the Colts, Bengals, and Jets in there next 3 games. 2-3 or even 3-2 could be a possibility.

29. Cincinnati Bengals 0-2: Uh... Its bad. The red rifle looks more like the red low pressure squirt gun. Defense, offense, special teams, waterboys, they all need work. Its time to put Mixon in and see what he can do. 

30. Indianapolis Colts 0-2: Bright side = Andrew Luck hasn't played. Downside = Andrew Luck still isnt playing. At least Brissett looked like he wanted to be playing football unlike Mr. Tolzien. Andrew, shave your neck beard and come back already. 

31. San Francisco 49ers 0-2: The defense looks like a developing group that could be really good. The offense still hasn't scored a TD. Hey... remember that one time when Brian Hoyer played for 7 different teams? Now we know why. 

32. New York Jets 0-2: If they could be worse than 0-2... they would be. Josh Mccown is apparently a really good basketball player, so thats cool. Jermaine Kearse likes it in New York, scoring 3 TDs already this season. They are the highest scoring team in New York. All positives. One negative... they are an awful NFL team. Hey Todd Bowles, find somewhere nice and warm to live, because you wont be in New York much longer.